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Frequently Asked Questions - Summer

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here or just want more clarification, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!

How Early do I Need to Book? 

Popular trips and courses fill up 2 – 3 months prior to the start date. It is always best to book as early as you can to avoid missing out. I also offer an advanced booking bonus for those booking more than 2 months ahead.


Can I come on my Own? 

Most people book as individuals. I create a sociable environment with your teammates and we will function as a group of friends on the mountain. There is a lot of teamwork and comradery when hiking and climbing so you often leave with new friends! I also encourage friends, couples, colleagues and family to book together as a group. 


Do you Offer Shorter Courses? 

Yes - you can book bespoke weekend packages as a group or individuals may prefer private guiding.


What is your cancellation policy?

A non-refundable deposit is required on booking of any course or trip with Alex Moran Mountaineering. The remaining balance must be paid 6 weeks (42 days) before the start date of the course. If not received by then I am not bound to hold your booking. I am unable to refund any money in the event of cancellations made less than 6 Weeks (42 days) before the start date of your course or trip. 

Can I change the date of my booking?

You can change the date of your course or trip up to 8 Weeks (56 days) prior to the start date of your booking, however thereafter you are liable for the full fee.


What happens if I get injured and cannot attend?

Your insurance cover should include cancellation cover and I can provide any supporting information or documentation you require to make a claim. Remember to include the travel days in the period of cover. 


Cover should include:


  • Cancellation/Curtailment 

  • Travel Delay/Missed Departure 

  • Medical Expenses and Repatriation 

  • Mountain Rescue 

  • Personal Accident 

  • Baggage 

  • Personal Liability 

  • Money/Documents 


Is the Course cancelled when conditions are bad? 

No; courses are not usually cancelled. Whatever the weather and conditions encountered I endeavour to offer you a rewarding experience. I encourage all participants to adopt a positive attitude and make the best of what I cannot control. Activities and venues are varied to get the best out of available conditions. Much can be learnt from operating in difficult weather, and I can focus on instruction and coaching when high level activities are not possible. 


What if Travel is Disrupted?

In the event of difficult travel conditions, I am not contractually obliged to make refunds in the event of a ’no-show’. However, I do my best to be reasonable and flexible in re-arranging dates and transferring at least part of fees paid to alternative dates.


When is the best time to come for my course? 

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question with any certainty, conditions on the mountains are often changeable in both Winter and Summer. Meteorologists aren’t yet able to tell us months in advance which periods will offer the best weather and conditions. I schedule our courses to cover the period which on average offers the best conditions. For the mountain weather forecast go to


How fit do I need to be for an Alex Moran Mountaineering course? 

For all courses you need to have good stamina and level of fitness. Anyone who gets out hillwalking regularly and is happy hiking for a day over rough mountain terrain will manage on the courses. If you have never tried hikking before and you are a complete beginner then I would suggest you are able to run a 5k or walk 10k with relative ease. A positive mental attitude can do wonders for your fitness levels on the hill. I know it’s cliche, but it really is all in the mind! For technical climbing courses, strength in arms, wrists and calf muscles should be developed by prior experience of steep climbing whether outside or on indoor walls. It is important that you notify me of any medical issues, no matter how small, prior to arrival. 


What is the best Training for the courses? 

Low intensity, long duration exercise such as walking or steady running will provide you with a good base fitness. Get out walking for a few days in hilly terrain with a 10-12kg rucksack in the months prior to the course. If you can’t get to the hills, then indoor gym training (cross-fit, circuits, rowing, treadmill) or cycling will all help. Beware of the risk of injury if you try too much or adopt unusual methods of training. For example, repetitive road-running can easily cause stress injury and is not necessary as preparation for a mountain course. 


What Qualifications do you have? 

I hold the highest qualification for guiding and instructing within the UK, the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (WMCI). I am also a member of the Association of Mountain Instructors (AMI) and maintain my qualification through regular continued professional development courses and first aid training.


Are Accommodation and Meals provided? 

On the majority of my courses I do not offer accommodation or food. There are some courses which may be to remote locations or abroad where I will provide accommodation and food but this is the exception not the rule. I am happy to offer some recommendations on where to find accommodation and there are plenty of options in the area.


What equipment will I need? 

I will send you a Kit List for your chosen course. Many items of technical equipment can be hired from local shops prior to the course, however, I do carry a stock of extra equipment, free of charge, if needed and it is appropriate.

Any further questions, get in touch!

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