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Master the mountains with expert instruction. Your next adventure starts here.

Elevate your mountain experiences with my expert-led mountain skills courses and private guiding. Whether you're just starting out in mountaineering and climbing, or looking to up your game, I've got you covered, with the flexibility to learn at your pace in the thrill of the mountains.

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Winter Adventures

Experience the ultimate winter mountaineering and climbing adventure in the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland and the Cairngorms. Whether you're looking to elevate your skills or master the art of winter mountaineering, winter in the mountains is a truly unforgettable experience.

alt=“Women climbing and scrambling in the Cairngorms during summer mountaineering course with Alex Moran Mountaineering"

Summer Adventures

Experience a summer adventure like no other. Explore the wild mountains, ridges and cliffs of Scotland and gain the knowledge and skills you need to improve your mountaineering and climbing. I have something to suit all abilities and tastes.

alt=“Man climbing and scrambling in the Cairngorms during summer mountaineering course with Alex Moran Mountaineering"

Private Guiding

Experience mountaineering and climbing your way with private guiding. Tailor your adventure to your unique needs and preferences with customised options and a bespoke itinerary. Contact me today to start planning your personalised mountain journey.

Online Courses

Online mountaineering and climbing courses


Tired of sifting through outdated or fragmented online resources for your mountaineering and climbing education? Look no further!


My comprehensive online skills courses are designed to guide you from novice to advanced, with a focus on making you a safer mountain user and elevating your adventure game. With my programme, access all the necessary information and resources for life, anytime, anywhere.


My courses are fully online, all you need is a computer or smartphone.  You will work through videos at your own pace which cover both classroom teaching, and field demonstrations plus worksheets and kit lists. 


You can buy an individual course or a bundle right here on my website. Simply checkout, setup a username and password and your course is instantly delivered to you online. Log back in anytime to access your course or buy more and add to your personal course library.

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